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Comfort Kitchari

Kitchari, or Khich'di, is a delicious blend of ancient grains and savory spices that soothes the stomach and detoxifies the body. 

Loaded with nutrients, this seemingly humble dish makes a perfectly balanced meal.

There are countless ways to make kitchari, but we've made it easy by packaging our signature recipe into a meal kit so you can whip up at home in 30 minutes. Just add water and cook!

Serve over roasted veggies, alongside protein of choice, or top it with fresh cilantro, lime, pickled peppers and plain yogurt. Yum!! 


This was my first experience with kitchari but I couldn’t be more satisfied! I found this wonderful item at the farmers market where this nice couple were selling it. I tasted it and couldn’t not leave with some for my family.
I’ve made kitchari from scratch multiple times. It’s a lot of work. When I saw Abundant Roots at my local farmers market, I was so incredibly happy. There are hardly any places that sell kitchari. You know it’s good for you when your body thanks you for eating it! I just could not get enough of it and wanted more. I’ve since made it at home and added seasonal greens and veggies. Thank you, Abundant Roots, for sharing your kitchari recipe. You can tell it’s made with love.
This was our first experience with this type of food, so we were skeptical. However, when my traditional, meat-and-potatoes husband loved it and asked for more, I was shocked! We could tell the packets were made with a combination of high quality ingredients and love. We are buying more right this minute 🙂
I love your blend and could have it everyday! I am so glad we happened upon you at the Auburn farmer’s market last year!
We got our Kitchari today and it’s been one of the best and healthiest dinners we’ve had in a while! It’s perfectly flavored and was really easy to make. Thank you and we will be getting more!